The famous Judd women -- actress Ashley and country icons Naomi and Wynonna -- have certainly weathered their share of family storms. Just last year, Ashley released a memoir that accused her mother of neglect, among other things, claiming that when Naomi's star was on the rise, she left her youngest daughter with drug-abusing caregivers. Then Naomi and Wynonna revealed painful family secrets of their own on their reality TV show, "The Judds," which gave an intimate look at the mother and daughter working to heal old wounds.

"We became closer than I think we've ever been," Wynonna told The Boot of filming the show, which also documented The Judds reunion tour.

Fans breathed another sigh of relief earlier this month when Ashley showed up as the first guest on Naomi's new SiriusXM radio show, "Think Twice," proving her relationship with Mom is not estranged in the wake of her tell-all book. But just after it seemed all three ladies made nice, Wynonna tied the knot and did not invite her mom and sister to the wedding. So is another Judds family feud brewing? Not exactly.

"We're getting ready to sit down with our life coach and re-evaluate what we want out of this relationship ... We just don't have a lot of contact right now, if any, because we're all doing our own thing," Wynonna Judd told Us Weekly magazine when probed about getting married without her mom and sister in attendance. "If I know Ashley, she would have re-positioned my dress, or Mom would have given me a Kleenex to stuff in my bra, or told me I have something in my teeth. I just didn't want that. I just wanted to get married!"

Wynonna and longtime beau Cactus Moser were wed June 10 on the singer-songwriter's farm in Leiper's Fork, Tenn. It's the same property where both Ashley and Naomi have homes. But Wynonna isn't even sure if her family is aware that she is now officially Mrs. Moser.

"Ashley's probably so busy with [husband] Dario [Franchitti] having won the Indianapolis 500, she probably doesn't even know," she admitted. "I'm getting ready to have a meeting with Ashley, and re-do our family contract and re-set our boundaries ... It's just really healthy."

But for now, Wynonna is more concerned about the health of her own household. That's why she kept the ceremony small, with just her children, Grace and Elijah, and her groom's kids, Cahl, Wyatt and Sunshine, there to witness the nuptials.

"I didn't want it to be about anyone but Cactus and me," Wynonna explained. "To me, at the end of the day, it's the children, Cactus, and me ... I was so concerned about making this feel special for them, everything fell away."

Watch a Video on Wynonna's Wedding

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