Nashville-based singer-songwriter Wyatt Edmondson offers up a performance by two of his song "Room for Two" for The Boot's newest Guest Room Sessions installment. Press play ave to watch the intimate, stripped-down take of Edmondson's latest single.

Edmondson is joined by his producer and friend, Shawn Byrne, for this version of "Room for Two." The pair filmed the clip in Byrne's touring RV.

"I'm super-pumped he digs my stuff enough to have me come and record my songs at his home," Edmondson tells The Boot of Byrne. "We found the perfect way to get some 'fresh air' after being in the studio all morning: by pickin’ and grinnin’ inside Shawn’s RV that he uses for touring and road trips."

According to Edmondson, the duo had to be "sneaky" when recording their Guest Room Sessions video, in order to avoid any surprise appearances from Arlo, Byrne's toddler-aged son. "He is always ready to join the band," Edmondson says of their pint-sized fan. "One day, I'll probably be working for him!"

Released in February, "Room for Two" appears on Edmondson's latest EP, titled If I Don't Try. The Alabama-born artist has wowed crowds at the 30A Songwriters Festival and venues across the Southeast, all while battling a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa.

Fans can keep up with Edmondson's upcoming shows, new music plans and other goings-on via his official website.

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