If you ask someone to define country music, they might hit you with one of two chestnuts: "It’s three chords and the truth" or "It’s heartbreak and pickup trucks."

As Ken Burns’ recent Country Music documentary reminded viewers, however, there’s more to it than that. There’s a storied tradition in country music of goofy, silly music, and with “Flexible Cowboy Man,” Denver, Colo.'s Wolf van Elfmand extends that line a little further.

"Flexible Cowboy Man" comes from van Elfmand's upcoming new album, Music for Minors (Ages 3 to 300), and its music video is premiering exclusively on The Boot. In the clip, van Elfmand brings out his inner peace -- and his inner child: Viewers watch his transformation from a bewildered cowboy to a yoga buff, embracing a new side of his personality.

""Flexible Cowboy Man" was inspired by my close friend, who moved to Brooklyn and eventually became a yoga teacher,” van Elfmand tells The Boot. “With everyone heading towards cities nowadays, I quite liked the idea of western themes melding with a much further eastern practice. Some parts pedal steel, some parts chakras. They're not mutually exclusive.”

The song culminates in a chakra that unites eastern and (country) western traditions. By the time you get to the end, you’ll find that your face has found itself in a new pose: a smile.

Van Elfmand calls his brand of folk and country music new and strange; he aims for satire and social commentary while both exploring the world today and paying homage to classic artists. Music for Minors (Ages 3 to 300) is due out on Dec. 7; visit his official Facebook page for more details.

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