Willie Nelson debuted 'The Wall' as the first single from his new album, 'Band of Brothers,' last month, and now he's sharing an acoustic performance of the song.

One of nine original tunes on the 14-track album, 'The Wall' is about the 81-year-old legend dealing with life on the road.

“I had been on tour, and, the next thing you know, I hit the wall,” Nelson says. “It turns out it’s a pretty good song.”

The lyrics themselves are slightly metaphorical but pretty straightforward: "I took on more than I could handle / Bit off more than I could chew," Nelson sings. "I went off like a Roman candle / Burnin' everyone I knew."

'Band of Brothers' will be released on June 17; it's Nelson's first major set of new, original music since 1996's 'Spirit.' The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.