'Tis the season to get political. Singer-songwriter Will Hoge, who co-penned the Eli Young Band's recent No. 1 "Even if It Breaks Your Heart," is throwing a lyrical curveball with his EP, Modern American Protest Music, out today (Sept. 18). The seven-song project -- which ends with the topical tune, "The Ballad of Trayvon Martin" -- touches on religious and political issues.

"I have a feeling that Modern American Protest Music will instantly cause a reaction because these are hot button issues for a lot of folks," Will admits. "I don't want to fool people into thinking this is another Will Hoge country/rock record about girls ... this is something very different. I'm not looking for people to agree or disagree, it's a personal expression from me as a songwriter."

In addition to the new EP, Will's got more excitement on the horizon. He's nominated for CMA Song of the Year for "Even if It Breaks Your Heart." ABC will broadcast the 46th Annual CMA Awards live from Nashville on Nov. 1. Later that month, Will hits the road on the solo, acoustic Let Me Be Lonely 2012 tour. See his full list of tour dates here, which includes an album release party that will broadcast live tonight on Stageit.com.

Modern American Protest Music Track List:

1. "Founding Fathers"

2. "Jesus Came to Tennessee"

3. "A Folded Flag"

4. "When Do I Get to Come Home"

5. "Times Are Not Changin'"

6. "Don't Believe in You"

7. "The Ballad of Trayvon Martin"

Watch Will Hoge's 'When I Get My Wings' Video

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