Yes, Sam Williams is part of that Williams family. The son of Hank Williams Jr. (and, therefore, grandson of Hank Williams) is using his mature vocal talents and poignant lyrics to blaze his own trail in the country music world.

“There’s a lot of pain burned into in my DNA,” Williams reflects. “But pain can be a beautiful thing if you know how to deal with it.”

That doesn't mean he was eager to pursue the family business -- at least, not at first. Williams spent some time studying business in college, but after he became a father at the age of 19, he dropped out and found himself embracing his (ahem) family tradition.

“To be honest, I shied away from making music for a long time. It was never pushed on me, which made it easier," he explains, "but as a kid, more than anything, I just wanted to be normal, so I was really hesitant to go down that road.”

Now in his early 20s, Williams has released a number of tracks, including "Weatherman," "Shuteye" and, most recently, "The World Alone," dedicated to his later sister, Katie Williams, who died in 2020. His full-length debut album is coming soon.

"I inherited a drive to separate myself from the rest," Williams says, reflecting on his famous lineage. Want to know more about him? Keep reading:

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