Yes, Sam Williams is part of that Williams family. The son of Hank Williams Jr. (and, therefore, grandson of Hank Williams) is using his mature vocal talents and poignant lyrics to blaze his own trail in the country music world.

Williams' recently released single "Gemini" tells a tale about balancing doing what is right and what is wrong. Williams co-wrote the song with Real Country winner Jaida Dreyer -- another look into his say-it-from-the-heart mentality when it comes to his music. Previously, the Belmont University dropout (he spent two and a half years at the school in Music City before leaving to focus on his music) released the funky, blues-tinged "Darkwater" and "The Lost Grandchild's Plea," which honors his late grandparents, Hank and Audrey Williams, neither of whom Sam Williams never met.

"I inherited a drive to separate myself from the rest," the 22-year-old Williams says, reflecting on his famous lineage. Want to know more about him? Keep reading: