If you don't know who Margo Price is just yet, listen to the first track of her debut album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, and you'll get a good idea. With "Hands of Time," Price shares the story of her life in just six minutes -- and what a life it's been.

At just 33 years old, Price has seen enough of the world to make even the toughest men cry, but it's the breakthrough country singer's ability to channel those experiences into her music that's truly remarkable. Price released her first solo album in March of 2016 to critical acclaim, with many drawing parallels to 2015's breakout country star, Chris Stapleton. Like him, Price's music champions the traditional country sound and does it so well that the wider country music audience (not to mention listeners of other genres as well) are taking note.

But the success of her album, released under Jack White's Third Man Records, doesn't mean that Price is an overnight success. On the contrary, the songs on Midwest Farmers Daughter create a diary of sorts, revealing a songwriter who has been dedicated to her craft for years and who is brave enough to be honest about all the paradoxes that exist both in music and in life. The tracks are equal parts raucous and restful, heartbreaking and hopeful, re-imagining traditional country music while staying true to its roots.

From a career-defining performance on Saturday Night Live to an historic debut on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, Price has burst onto the scene in a big way and is set to make 2016 her year. But who is Margo Price? Where did this hard-singing, (formerly) hard-living country star come from? What made her debut album so personal? And what the heck are all those tattoos she's got? Click through the gallery above to find out.

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