Jimmie Allen's journey to his current position as one of country music's most promising new artists has been far from easy -- but, as he sings in tracks such as "Underdogs," off of his self-titled EP, he has never given up.

Allen has come a long way in country music since his lowest point in Nashville, when he lived in his car because he couldn't afford to pay rent. Between his debut single, "Best Shot," hitting country radio and his busy touring schedule for summer of 2018, the singer seems poised to break into the mainstream.

A South Delaware native, Allen's music draws from traditional country, rock, R&B and an all-important groove that Allen listens for in every song he considers recording. However, he also tells The Boot about some surprising musical influences that listeners may not realize play into his sound. Read on to learn about Allen's experience with Christian rock growing up, and more facts about the country newcomer.

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