Three words -- the New West -- define Jenna Paulette's music. They also describe the singer and her upbringing.

“It’s a combination of old and new, keeping tradition but being a part of the modern world," Paulette says. "It’s a representation of the two worlds I grew up in -- a balance of the two. My mom’s side is ranching; my dad’s side is the big-city sales-type. In everything I do, the way I dress, write, perform, even cook -- my entire self is the New West.”

Paulette's blend of vintage and modern is evident on her debut single, "Coolest Girl in the World." She co-wrote the track with Jordan Reynolds (Keith Urban, “Getting in the Way,” Lauren Alaina “Three”) and Sydney Cubit, and she released a music video for the song at the end of September.

"It’s this simple: You either want to be the guy that makes the girl feel like the girl in the song on the radio, or you want to be the girl in the song on the radio, and when you feel like that, you are the "Coolest Girl in the World,"" Paulette notes. "It is delivered with a visual lyric and post-chorus melody that gets stuck in your head real good."

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