With her newest album, 2020's Neon Cross, Jaime Wyatt proves she’s an up-and-coming country music force to be reckoned with.

The Nashville newcomer cut her teeth in Los Angeles as a teenager, living all of the music industry highs and lows available to her. Her hard-earned tales of hard living earned her an avid following among honky-tonk diehards with her first album, 2017's Felony Blues, but with Shooter Jennings taking on the producer role for Neon Cross, Wyatt truly upped her game.

"I tried not to have any filter with these songs," Wyatt says about her songwriting approach. "Because I'll be honest — it feels like I'm gonna die if I don't tell people how I feel and who I am.

"It sounds so dramatic," she adds with a chuckle, "but that's the truth."

Neon Cross arrived in the spring of 2020 — when we all had plenty of non-music-related worries on our minds. To get caught up to speed on Wyatt now, pull the album up on your streaming service of choice and keep reading:

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