The Ghost of Paul Revere have been classified as bluegrass, "holler roots" and "holler folk," but the Portland, Maine-based trio draws inspiration from beyond those Americana-esque realms. They also cite rock influences including Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

Traditional-leaning pickers from the Northeast, the Ghost of Paul Revere began to make waves after an appearance at the famed Newport Folk Festival led to their first full-length album in 2014. The band includes Max Davis on banjo, Sean McCarthy on bass and Griffin Sherry on guitar, and all three lend their voices to their folk-y call-and-responses with a definite rocker vibe.

The Ghost of Paul Revere's authentic talent shines through in their music and has captured a solid fan base. Flip through the photo gallery below to learn a few trivia tidbits that set this up-and-coming group apart.

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