For most artists, the first time they ever hear themselves on the radio is a euphoric experience. Singers often recall turning the volume up, rolling the windows down in their car and blaring the music as they sing along to themselves. Many even pull over to the side of the road in order to document the experience by taking a selfie or two, or get video footage of the special moment to post on social media.

The Wandering Hearts' first time on the radio was just as memorable as any other artists' -- but things didn't go entirely according to plan. The group heard their song for the first time on BBC Radio 2's The Michael Ball Show, and they eagerly tuned in for the special moment. Read on to learn what happened next, in bandmate Tara Wilcox's own words.

We did a Michael Ball session, and I'd planned to watch it, because you can get it on the telly. I was so excited. We get up [to the time when we were going to come on], and they're like, "Up next, it's the Wayward Hearts!"

We were like ... "We got called the Wayward Hearts!" And then, they changed it "the Wandering Bears"!

I remember it so clearly, because I was so excited. I wanted to screenshot it and put it on Instagram, because that makes it real. And my friends were like, "Babe, I don't think that's you. They've got the Wayward Bears on."

I was like, "We, uh, we are the Wayward Bears." And then they were like, "You've already changed your name! First you were the Paper Hearts, then you were the Wandering Hearts, now you're the Wayward Bears?!"

So it was great, but then ... yeah. They got the wrong name. But it was funny.

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