Walker Hayes' new single, "Don't Let Her," might have a sad backstory, but there's a whole lot of sweetness to it, too. The lyrics imagine a future after Hayes' death, offering advice to a future love interest for his wife, Laney.

"She don't give two cents about money / Likes a little coffee in her honey / Let her sleep as late as she wants / Home is her favorite restaurant," Hayes sings in the song's chorus. "Don't you dare come home if you're hammered / Better watch your mouth and your grammar / She loves babies, hates glitter / You better shave before you kiss her ..."

Now, the singer is sharing a playlist of songs all about sweetness, honey and sugar, inspired by the line, "Likes a little coffee in her honey," exclusively with The Boot. Hayes adds that several of the tracks he added to this sweet list have a special meaning to him -- but not necessarily because they're mushy love songs.

"I picked ["Honey I'm Home"] because Laney sings it to me every day when she gets home ... not!" he jokes. "I picked it because I am a massive Shania [Twain] fan!"

Another track, "Honey I'm Good" by Andy Grammer, made its way onto Hayes' playlist simply because singing "Don't Let Her" reminds him of the pop star. "In "Don't Let Her," when I sing 'Watch your mouth and your grammar,' I always think of Andy Grammer," Hayes explains.

The country star's new song -- and the playlist that inspired it -- is proof that sweet and sad stories can co-exist, and that people often find joy in music (and in life) in places where they least expect it. Press play below to listen to Hayes' full playlist on Spotify.

Listen to Walker Hayes' Honey Playlist

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