Wade Bowen will release his seventh studio album on Oct. 28, and he's giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to one of its tracks.

'Hungover' is the fifth track on 'Wade Bowen,' the Texas-based singer's first new disc since 2012's 'The Given.' It's a slow, melodic song of regret, and in this tune, the titular hangover is metaphorical: "I ain't even had a drop to drink / Now I'm just kickin' myself and wishin' like hell I could take back everything ... There ain't a bottle or a can in sight / Thinking the only thing left is I must have been gettin' drunk on my own damn pride," Bowen sings.

"['Hungover' features] another one of those melodies that I don’t normally write," Bowen says. "Probably what I love most about this album is the search I went on to go out of my norm and write some songs that were out of my comfort zone. Funny how you’re influences pop up without really trying, but this one has so much of John Mayer’s 'Continuum' in it, which is one of my favorite albums."

Bowen says that conscious effort to push his boundaries resulted in an entire album that's a change of pace for him.

“All the records I’ve done in the past have been very lyrically driven. I took more of a raw approach for this one,” he says. “It’s an album I can take to my live shows and really enhance it and have fun with it. This record has more energy in it than anything I’ve ever done, and that’s just from me trying to get in the studio and do something very different.”

The 12-track disc is available to pre-order on iTunes. Bowen will be on the road through the end of the year; see a full list of tour dates at WadeBowen.com.

Listen to Wade Bowen, 'Hungover':