Take country, folk and Americana music and combine them with European and Mediterranean sensibilities, and you get Violetta Zironi. The Italian singer-songwriter is premiering a brand-new song, "Don't Make Me a Fool," exclusively with The Boot.

Readers can press play below to hear "Don't Make Me a Fool," Zironi's latest single. A piano-driven track, the moody song finds the artist warning a lover, as the title and final line of the chorus says, "don't make me a fool 'cause I'm young."

"Diving into the water / Takes more than you thought / Don't look back again ...," Zironi sings in the chorus of "Don't Make Me a Fool." "Leave me a note / Say you'll meet me on the road ..."

Although piano and drums largely make up the melody of "Don't Make Me a Fool," strings join in at the second verse, creating an orchestral feel. Close your eyes at the instrumental bridge, and you might just see a couple dressed to the nines waltzing around a dance floor.

Zironi, 22, began singing in a children's choir and playing piano and guitar as a child. In 2013, she auditioned for Season 7 of the Italian version of The X Factor, impressing the judges with her singing and ukulele playing and earning a spot on the show; she reached that season's finals and placed third.

Zironi has released a handful of singles. Her newest works, including "Don't Make Me a Fool," are inspired by recent travels throughout the southern United States, and her decision to move from Italy to live in London, England, and Berlin, Germany.

Visit ViolettaZironi.com to learn more about Zironi and her music.

Listen to Violetta Zironi, "Don't Make Me a Fool":

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