Luke Bryan is a CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year with good reason: Plenty of fans can tell you plenty of different ways he's loved in the country music community and beyond. But the 10 moments in this video -- some that will have you laughing, some that will have you crying -- are the Top 10 reasons that Bryan is truly unforgettable.

Bryan's falls onstage are memorable, his love for and commitment to family is commendable, and his dance moves are unmatchable (and definitely unforgettable). In the clip above, you'll see Bryan with comedian Ellen DeGeneres not once, but twice, and if you remember a time when the singer chatted it up with Reba McEntire on the red carpet, you'll recall another of his best moments.

Sit back, relax -- even "drink a beer" (see what we did there?) -- and press play on the video above to enjoy the country hitmaker in all his glory. The two-time CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year knows how to entertain, for sure, but this compilation shows that he's an all-around great guy with emotional depth and a knack for comic relief.

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