Multi-talented country artist Tyler Williams is premiering the music video for the title track of his brand-new album, Spotlight, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

Co-written by Williams, Jared Anderson, Joybeth Taylor and Ryan Fine, "Spotlight" is a mid-tempo love ballad that's easy on the ears. The music video for the song, which is written about a woman who always "steals the spotlight" even though she isn't really looking for it, features Williams on what seems like an ideal, day-long date that kicks off with a trip to the record store and ends with a bonfire.

Released in November, Spotlight is the result of Williams taking about two years to really dig into what his specific country sound is. “I’ve gotten the opportunity to write and explore my sound within country music in the two years since my previous project,” Williams shared when the album was released.

"We took some risks on the new album and really pushed the boundaries of my sound," he added. "I am excited to see what the fans think about Spotlight.”

Prior to kicking off his music career, Williams got his start as a racecar driver who spent time on the NASCAR circuit from 2003 through 2007. After that, the Georgia native pursued sprint car racing in California. He continues to drive really, really fast cars as he records music and tours.

Fans can (try to) keep up with Williams via his official website.

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