Tyler Rich's 2019 single "Leave Her Wild" is all about appreciating the free spiritedness of your partner. In the uptempo song, Rich lets listeners know: If they fall for a strong-willed person, they can’t try to tame them; they just have to let them be and embrace them for all that they are.

To The Boot, Rich explains that the idea for "Leave Her Wild" -- which he co-wrote with Chris DeStefano and Jon Nite -- was inspired by a poem from Atticus that his fiancee, Sabina Gadecki, adores. Read on to learn more about how the singer's own "wild child" inspired the song.

"Leave Her Wild" comes from this poem that says if you are going to love her, leave her wild. Basically, I just wrote it about loving somebody for who they are and not trying to change somebody -- not having your own ideas on how they should live their lives, really just letting who they are inside shine.

[The poem is] from Atticus. He has two versions: "If you're going to love her, love her wild" [and] "If you're going to love her, leave her wild." It's Sabina's favorite quote, and she's a little crazy, so we leave her wild.

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