In addition to their own roles as country music hitmakers, superstar duo Florida Georgia Line are also passionate about fostering the careers of younger artists such as Morgan Wallen and, more recently, songwriter-turned-artist Hardy (full name: Michael Hardy). In their roles as mentors, FGL member Tyler Hubbard explains, he and Brian Kelley look for young musicians who embody very specific qualities.

"At the foundation of it all, we look for artists who remind us of ourselves, you know?" Hubbard relates. "We like artists that really like to work hard and have a vision, and who are confident in their sound and what they're doing but are also really coachable."

FGL's publishing company, Tree Vibez Music, serves to encourage artists who fit that bill and further connections between young songwriters who wish to hone their skills. "[We like working with] artists who are down to cut different songs and write with different writers and get in the room and better their craft as well, as a writer and an artist," Hubbard goes on to say.

"But, at the end of the day, we're excited about Morgan Wallen. We're excited about Hardy -- he's probably our new favorite right now. We're excited about RaeLynn and Canaan Smith, LoCash and all the different artists that Tree Vibez gets to work with," he adds.

Florida Georgia Line have plenty of reasons to be proud of their hand-selected proteges: Wallen recently announced his first-ever headlining tour, scheduled for 2019 -- and he will be taking fellow Tree Vibez family member Hardy out on the road with him during that run.

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