Tyler Farr has released the video for his latest single, 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar.'

In between shots of Farr and his band playing the love song outside of a tunnel, the singer also uses his acting skills to portray a bartender, serving drinks and breaking up a fight while trying to get the girl.

The long blond-haired lady in question leaves the bar with another guy, but the video doesn't end there. Does Farr get the girl?

‘A Guy Walks Into a Bar' is the first single off of the singer's upcoming sophomore album. He's been lumped into the "bro-country" category with some of the biggest names in country music, including Luke BryanJason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, but Farr says that he's just writing what he knows.

“I have no clue what it is, and whoever invented that term, I’d like to smack him upside the head,” he says of "bro-country". “I live in Chapel Hill, Tenn., which has the largest tractor pull in the South, and there’s not a lot more that you do on the weekends than drink and party. And I write what I know about. So I am gonna have songs that have partying and hot girls and pickup trucks. There’s only so much you can write about. If I don’t know anything about vacuums, I’m not gonna be a vacuum salesman. It’s as simple as that.”

‘A Guy Walks Into a Bar’ is available for download here.

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