Kentucky-based country-rap duo Twang and Round have a brand-new music video for their song "Devil to Pay" to share, and they're giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first look at the clip. Press play above to watch.

Duo members Kuntry Twang and Lil Round (aka, Vernon Roach and Brad Davis), along with Justin Peters, Mac Whittinghill and I4Ni's Robbie "Stump" Phillips, wrote "Devil to Pay, which Twang describes as a "modern-day country-rap gospel song." Stump takes lead on one of the track's verses, while Tobi Lee helps out on the choruses; the song was produced by Twang and Round and Whittinghill.

"My dad, Lonnie "Roundhead" Davis, always drilled into me that you reap what you sow, good or bad," Round tells The Boot. "It just hit me really out of nowhere, the title, "Devil to Pay," and I thought about all the wrong I’ve done and the prices I’ve paid in my life, so when I kicked the concept out there, it resonated with everyone very well."

Directed by Jon Conner, the "Devil to Pay" music video was shot in Edmonson County, Kentucky, near a local baptism spot used by a number of area churches. As Round heads to a funeral -- for Stump, who's attending his own funeral without knowing it -- the devil rides shotgun. Lee portrays the devil, while Twang plays the pastor.

Now signed to Thirteen Skulls Entertainment, Twang and Round have coined the term "AmeriFlow" to describe their musical melding of country, rap and rock. The two are working on a full-length album that will be released this summer; visit to stay up to date on their plans.

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