"Momma and Jesus" singer Tucker Beathard released his debut single, "Rock On," in February of 2016, and followed with his Fight Like Hell EP in October -- but what about a full album? The singer-songwriter recently sat down with The Boot to talk about his future musical plans, and why he "respect[s] the hell out of" Brantley Gilbert.

"I talked with my label, and just agreed I wanted to get more music out," Beathard tells The Boot, explaining that he went into the studio with a musician and songwriter friend and cut six songs to round out his EP into a complete album.

"The plan," he adds, "is to just release them as soon as possible" -- and when Beathard says "soon," he means it: "I'm assuming within the next month or so we'll come out with the finished, full-length album," he continues.

On his Fight Like Hell EP, Beathard played both drums and guitar. As a child, he began as a drummer, and he believes that his percussion background plays "a huge role" in his songs, from the music itself to the lyrics.

"There's, like, a metronome always in my head -- a beat always in my head, a rhythm, a natural thing ... Every guitar riff I make up, I kind of have a drum beat in my head," Beathard explains. "It's almost like playing drums on guitar, or at least playing guitar around the drum beat."

Currently, Beathard is on the road as an opening act on Gilbert's The Devil Don't Sleep Tour. The rising star says that their shows together have "been a lot of fun so far," and that he's learned a lot. But one particularly beneficial aspect of touring with the "The Weekend" hitmaker is his fan base.

"I think his fan base is the right fan base for me and my music; I started picking up on that pretty early," Beathard admits. "It gives me more assurance to be myself up there ... Just kind of getting an opportunity to play every show in front of people you feel like [are] the right crowd [has] reassured me.

"It's a great tour for me," he adds. "I haven't had this much fun on tour in a long time ... It's taught me a lot already."

In addition to having a great crowd to play to while on tour with Gilbert, Beathard also has a great musician to learn from -- professionally and personally.

"Brantley leads by example," he shares. "You talk to him, and he's a straight-up great dude. In my opinion, despite all the tattoos and gauges, the most bada-- thing he's done is being man enough to sober up and straighten up. That speaks volumes, in my opinion, and I just respect the hell out of that ... He's a great role model."

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