Colorado-based quintet Trout Steak Revival have revealed their reflective, memory-laden new single, "The Way It Moves," off their forthcoming new album, The Light We Bring. Press play below to listen to the song, premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The ninth and final track on Trout Steak Revival's new project, "The Way It Moves" was co-written by the group's Bevin Foley and Steve Foltz. "We had been writing together each week, and Steve brought this chorus and bridge idea along with some unfinished verses. I ended up re-writing the verses and changing the melody a little bit," Foley explains.

In part, the influence for "The Way It Moves" came from a podcast interview with another songwriter that focused on the idea of using a song to encapsulate memories. "I had just listened to Joe Pug's podcast The Working Songwriter, where he interviewed MC Taylor of [folk outfit] Hiss Golden Messenger," Foley continues. "[He] was talking about how a lot of his verses are vignettes that didn't always relate to each other.

"I took that approach writing the verses of this song," Foley goes on to say. "Each verse holds a vivid memory. The feeling of driving my old '91 Honda Civic hatchback with a moonroof, a perfect moment with an old love and the uncertainty of a new beginning that returns you back to where you started."

"The Way It Moves" is the second song that Trout Steak Revival have shared off of their new record, following "The Heart Wants." The Light We Bring, which is self-produced, will be out in full on Jan. 31. Visit for more.

Listen to Trout Steak Revival's "The Way It Moves"

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