Indie-folk trio Trousdale remember Joni Mitchell’s music floating through the air of their childhoods. It filled their family rooms alongside songs from Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews, but it was Mitchell’s voice and the words she sang that ultimately changed the lives of Quinn D’Andrea, Georgia Greene and Lauren Jones.

“There's an element of her music that not only comforted us as adolescents, but runs through our veins now,” explains D'Andrea during a recent interview with The Boot. “The sound of our three voices has so many different influences, so when we come together, it feels so comforting to sing with each other. So then, to be able to sing about and draw from an artist we all love ... it just feels special.”

It feels so special, in fact, that they wrote about it. Premiering exclusively on The Boot, the trio's new song “Always, Joni” is a love letter of sorts to the kaleidoscope that is Mitchell's musical catalog.

“[Joni Mitchell] was very influential to all of us, like our absolute hero,” D'Andrea gushes. “We truly praise the ground she walks on.”

"Always, Joni" — which calls out Mitchell’s iconic songs such as “A Case of You," “Little Green” and “The Circle Game” — came to be during a writing retreat in California. Trousdale wrote the song back in 2018 and recorded it earlier in 2021.

"We just loved the idea of tying it into this unrequited love we have with all of Joni's songs that have inspired us,” says Greene. "Our life just felt so emotional already that to be able to tie her influences in with our personal experiences was a fun kind of challenge. When we got to the bridge and decided to throw in all these titles into the lyrics, it just felt magical.”

Adds Jones, "I feel like that song really came alive in the recording process. I like to look at production as an extension of the songwriting process, because you're still trying to tell a story. You're still trying to paint the picture ... you are just using different tools.”

Indeed, the quirky, yet pure, tone of Trousdale's collective voices shines on “Always, Joni.” The song — due out widely on Friday (Aug. 20) and available to pre-save now — adds to a growing repertoire of songs from the California-breezy, Wilson Phillips-esque trio, whose members met while attending a music program at the University of Southern California and discovering that their individual voices blended beautifully with each other.

“Our group is very vintage in the sense of how we arrange our vocals and how we treat us together as one lead vocalist,” explains Jones. “It's very much like an old concept. There’s many amazing bands that have done it, but it’s not really happening right now.”

It is, though, thanks to Trousdale.

“It seems like, throughout every generation, there's the age of the songwriter,” Jones concludes. “I think we're reentering that age.”

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