Garth Brooks apparently found himself right at home during a taping of one of wife Trisha Yearwood's episodes of her cooking show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" in Oklahoma recently -- so much so that the producers originally wanted to call his episode "Gartha Stewart"! The country legend has a few dishes that he makes well, so he helped prepare those on his episode, and was amazed at watching his wife work her magic around the kitchen.

"We called the episode 'Gartha Stewart' during the shoot, but now it's 'Garth Brooks in the Kitchen,'" Trisha tells "We did a black bean lasagna, Thai salad, and peanut butter balls. He's made these peanut butter balls for years with the girls, so if they need to take something to school or for the soccer team, he has it covered. He did really well, but that night, he was like, 'I had no idea how much work goes into making this!' It was all magical to him."

The country power couple is reportedly moving back to Music City in a year or two once his youngest daughter graduates from high school. Since she's considering attending Trisha's alma mater Belmont in Nashville, they'll still be close to her, but Trisha warns Garth that they may not see their baby much once she spreads her wings.

"The plan is that once our youngest graduates in 2014 to go back to Nashville. The middle one just went to college, so we only have one left in the house. She loves music, and she is actually thinking of Belmont. Can you imagine, her parents following her to college in Nashville? It would be the worst thing ever for her! (laughs) I told Garth, 'Honey, if she goes there and we do too, you can't expect to see her! She'll be home for laundry and that's it!'"

Trisha says Garth is also encouraging her to try her hand at songwriting, and that is definitely something she hopes to achieve in the future. But the award-winning vocalist admits she lacks a bit of confidence in that area, and may turn to her hubby for some advice and help.

"I'm so confident to sing, but to write -- it doesn't come easily to me -- it's hard. If you're Garth, and no one is pitching you a song you like, you write one. For me, it's more of a challenge. Writing the books taught me that I'm a storyteller, but I can't put it to music. Garth can. So maybe I write the story and he can help me figure out how to make it into a song. Garth has always said that I'm a songwriter. That's a goal of mine."

"Trisha's Southern Kitchen" airs Saturdays at 11:00 AM ET on the Food Network.

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