Country singer and American Idol champ Trent Harmon's debut album, You Got 'Em All, includes an array of both new music and favorite performances he gave during his stint as a contestant on the TV singing competition. While his cover of Sia's "Chandelier" and his "coronation song," "Falling" (which was co-written by Keith Urban), bolstered Harmon's popularity with fans, the singer says the album's title track has a special personal resonance.

Read on to learn more about why Harmon didn't want to write "You Got 'Em All," and how life experiences affect his songwriting process. 

I didn't want to write that song. I didn't want to go into the writing room and put down what I was feeling that day, because a few days prior, I'd parted ways with someone very special to me. I didn't know if that separation was going to be temporary or if it was going to be permanent, but I'd had a significant other who took a job that required her to move. I wrote straight from that place, a couple of days after she'd been gone.

I didn't know exactly what was different, but I knew there was something different about the way I was writing when I wrote that song. There was just something ominous about it. I could just tell that, "Oh, this is songwriting," in the sense that you strike while the iron's hot. All the other songs on the record are great, and they come from life experiences, too, but this one was immediate.

It happened, and within a few days, I went and wrote that song, and within a few days of that, the work tape was out. It all just happened very fast. That made it feel more special.

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