First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage -- at least for former Trailer Choir member Crystal Hoyt. The songstress, who wed singer Todd Bray in August, announced they are expecting their first child!

Hoyt and Bray married in an intimate ceremony, after plenty of persistence from the groom.

“For the last six months, every single day, he has started the day saying…’Marry me,’ she recalls. “And I have answered…’yeah, maybe’.. Then ‘yeah, I probably will’… Then, ‘yeah, I’m gonna'… And finally last night, I said, ‘I DO!’ For two people who had all but given up on love… We are living proof that God has a bigger plan than we can ever imagine.

“So, never give up hope and never think you know better than him,” she continues. “Because everything the two of us have gone through to get us here now, has only made us appreciate each other that much more… And I am so grateful to start this adventure with the most thoughtful, handsome, kind, funny, intelligent, talented and truly amazing partner anyone could dream of!”

Hoyt left Trailer Choir in 2011 to pursue solo options. She is currently part of a duo, Second Hand Soul, with her husband. Their EP was released on Aug. 26. Download it here.

Congratulations to the parents-to-be!