On Monday morning, November 15, the lavish Opryland Hotel reopened its doors after being shut down in May after devastating floods filled the interior of the hotel with 24 feet of water. After 280,890 feet of new carpet, 5,650 gallons of paint, 2,200 new doors, 21,400 sheets of drywall, 142,915 pieces of porcelain, marble, granite and decorative glass, two million feet of voice and data cables, and $270 million dollars, the newly renovated Nashville landmark is ready to show off its new look.

Among the additions to the hotel are several new restaurants and the Porter Wagoner Suite, named after the late Grand Ole Opry star. Part of the room's decor is an embroidered wall created by Manuel Cuevas, the Nashville tailor who made many of the singer's rhinestone suits.

To celebrate the reopening of Music City's largest hotel, the week is packed with events to draw out crowds. On Thursday, November 18, the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony will take place at 6:00 PM, followed by a benefit concert, dubbed Greater Together, featuring Trace Adkins at 8:00 PM.

Keeping the celebratory week going, there will be a laser light show and fireworks spectacular on Friday, November 19, at 6:00 PM. Prior to the fireworks and lights show, the hotel presents 'A Country Christmas' featuring attractions that include ICE! (an annual ice-themed exhibit taking place all day), the 'Radio City Christmas Spectacular' at 2:00 PM, and Louise Mandrell's 'The Gift' Christmas dinner and show, beginning at 5:00 PM Friday.

To make reservations at the refurbished Opryland Hotel, call (888) 777-6779 or click here.

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