Trace Adkins has been called country music's most outspoken conservative, so it's not surprising that he was invited to appear on the September 17 broadcast of the CNN program, 'Anderson Cooper 360,' to discuss the recent political successes of the Tea Party candidates and more.

Here's some of what Trace had to say:

Anderson asked Trace what he thinks about the Tea Party's impact on the recent primaries. Specifically, Trace was asked about the the contest for Vice President Joe Biden's former U.S. Senate seat that resulted in Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell defeating nine-term Rep. Mike Castle, a long-time Republican representative.

Trace: "I think there are a lot of conservatives in this country that are really frustrated and they are really teed off. I don't think it has anything to do with Chris O'Donnell. I don't know Chris O'Donnell. But I do know that Mike Castle was a moderate and he got held accountable for some of those votes he made recently and that's going to be the story, I think, and it will repeat itself over and over again. I don't really think it matters which party you belong to. It's a bad year to be an incumbent. People are frustrated, people are angry, and if you have any ties to Washington, D.C. you need to cut them now."

Anderson asked Trace if he considers the Tea Party a viable third party, after mentioning Trace had said at another time that he would join such a party.

Trace: "Not yet. I think it is just a movement and a lot of people who have finally found a vehicle through which to express some frustrations, but it's leaderless."

Anderson said to Trace that he wonders how Tea Party candidates who are elected to office and face the inevitable pressures and compromises associated with such positions will impact the Tea Party movement.

Trace: "I don't think anybody does. I do believe this, though, I think compromise is what is costing some Republicans their jobs. These people don't want compromise. They don't want their conservative leaders to reach across the aisle and work with the other party. They want them to leer across the aisle and give them the finger. That's why these people are being voted out."

Anderson asked Trace if former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012.

Trace: "I hope not. I hope not. I just – I don't know. She can't win. She has become a punch line."

Anderson asked Trace if he believes that Sarah Palin doesn't have enough supporters to win.

Trace: "No, sorry. I love her to death but I just don't think she can win."

Anderson told Trace that Donald Trump was going to buy the site of the proposed Mosque near the 9-11 site. Anderson mentioned how Trace had appeared on the television show 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Trace: "Was Trump going to build some kind of something where they would worship him? Knowing him that is what he wanted to do with it. He is always working that angle."

Anderson told Trace he's surprised Trump didn't put his name on Trace.

Trace: "He does. My album ['Cowboy's Back In Town'] was No. 1 a few weeks ago and he took credit for it. Yeah – sure he did."

Trace is currently on 'American Ride Tour' with Toby Keith. Their next concert is September 18 in Chicago followed by a September 23 show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For a complete list of dates and cities, check here.