Since the late 1990s, Sara Evans has made an impact on the country music scene with her upbeat hits, deeply emotional ballads and relatable lyrics ... and her music videos are pretty sensational as well.

Evans isn't afraid to show her vulnerability; she wears her heart on her sleeve in a few videos that deal with divorce and heartbreak -- subjects she is all too familiar with. But, Evans also uses her music videos to show off her spunky, sexy and lighthearted side too, providing fans with a good dose of laughter and charm.

Get ready to ride an emotional roller coaster with The Boot's Top 5 Sara Evans music videos: They range from sweet and sexy to those dealing with issues that are raw and painful. Still, throughout them all, Evans shines as a fantastic singer, actress and entertainer.

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    "You'll Always Be My Baby"

    It's clear why Evans' music video for her 2006 hit, "You'll Always Be My Baby," was nominated for Female Video of the Year at the 2007 CMT Music Awards. The clip is the perfect accompaniment to the song, which reflects the unconditional love of a father -- and of God. It begins with a young girl sitting forlornly, waiting for her father to get home. As the song states, she disobeyed him and was expecting Dad to get angry. But, when he arrives home, he wraps her in his arms in a tender hug, and it's enough to bring tears to viewers' eyes.

    Later, the music video shows a 21-year-old sitting in a car with a stricken expression on her face; it plays back through her evening, which included some frisky business with a boy. Nothing good comes out of raging hormones, a car on a dirt road and two attractive people, but as the song suggests, the girl realizes the unrelenting love of God, despite the shame and guilt she is feeling.

    In the final scene of the "You'll Always Be My Baby" music video, a young boy and his father sit on a fishing dock -- presumably Evans' husband and son. The little boy dives into her arms as she reflects on raising him to know he'll always be her baby, no matter what. This video strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced unwavering love from someone else, be it a parent, sibling, husband, wife, relative or friend.

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    "As If"

    "As If" is definitely one of Evans' most lighthearted music videos; the uptempo song gets a hilarious visual partner, directed by Roman White. The video shows Evans in a store, shopping for the perfect man (seriously, where do we find this store?). It's a scene plenty of women would want to be in: Gorgeous men with perfect physiques and bright white smiles are standing on revolving podiums as Evans inspects each and every one of them. She then selects the right man for her, and a delivery man drops him off at her front door. Evans rips open the box, and a good-looking guy pops out. Then, while she's performing the song and preening for the camera, her new man does the housework, which includes ironing, vacuuming and washing the dishes.

    Evans goes through a total of three men, eventually bringing them each back to the store because of something that didn't jive with her wants or needs, but she does finally end up with the right guy ... and he happens to the UPS delivery man. This video is pure fun and one to watch again and again -- especially since several of Evans' videos on this list veer more to the heavy side.

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    "Slow Me Down"

    "Slow Me Down" is an angst-filled and serious video directed by Peter Zavadil. Appearing as Evans' husband in the video is NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, and he did a great job in his acting debut.

    There is a lot of passionate steam between Edwards and Evans -- but not the good kind. The video captures their deep anger with one another as Evans' character contemplates leaving her marriage; it appears her husband has a mistress: his job. The "Slow Me Down" video features the couple having dinner at a club called Anthem in Nashville and arguing in their high-rise condo. Throughout the video, there are clips of a dismal and distraught (yet still gorgeous) Evans in a billowing white wedding dress, with white feathers floating around her for added dramatic effect.

    It's a heartbreaking video and an all-too-familiar scene for many couples struggling in their marriages -- and that's one of the reasons it's so good: "Slow Me Down" gives an honest, intimate, raw look at the inside of a disintegrating marriage.

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    "A Little Bit Stronger"

    "I'm not really sure why I'm doing this. It's only been a week since he left, and it feels like it's been forever. I just don't understand," Evans begins in the "A Little Bit Stronger" music video. She's speaking via a video blog, which is intermingled with the rest of the footage.

    As the music video progresses, viewers see her transformed from depressed and lonely to stronger and more confident each day. Evans is shown in various locations of her gorgeous apartment and sitting in her car with the rain pouring down while emotionally singing the song.

    "I thought he was the one," she brokenly tells the video camera. But soon, her tone of voice and demeanor changes: "I don't cry every time I think about him, and I feel like there's hope ... it doesn't hurt quite as much," she concludes near the end.

    "A Little Bit Stronger" was nominated for Female Video of the Year at the 2011 CMT Music Awards, and it's easy to see why: It's a true expression of how empowered one can be, even after the type of heartbreak that takes your breath away.

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    "Born to Fly"

    If you like The Wizard of Oz, you'll love Evans' "Born to Fly" music video. It features the singer portraying Dorothy -- well, sort of; Evans is a sexier version of the main character, sporting Dorothy's infamous pigtails ... and a white midriff shirt that shows off her toned abs. The music video contains several elements similar to the movie, including a tornado, a wicked witch on a bicycle and even a cute little Toto. Interspersed throughout the footage is Evans singing along to the song while lying on a couch and standing on the front porch in a tight little skirt -- something that is definitely not Dorothy approved.

    Evans' entertaining video won Music Video of the Year at the 2001 CMA Awards, and its unique concept won the hearts of many country fans.

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