Throughout their career, Rascal Flatts have accomplished so much, and their music videos have always been memorable. From knee-slappingly funny to break-down-and-cry heartbreaking, the videos that the country trio makes are as engaging as their harmonious vocals.

In early 2020, the trio announced an upcoming farewell tour, revealing plans to call it quits as a group after their next run of dates. As we prepare to say goodbye to this chapter of Rascal Flatts as a band, The Boot is taking a look back at their impressive catalogue of memorable music videos. Among their slew of clips, the following stand out as five of the very best.

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    "Why Wait"

    This music video is star-studded to the max. Shot in Las Vegas, it is similar in plot to The Hangover, and David Arquette, Rick Harrison (of Pawn Stars), Ron White, Carrot Top, Victoria Justice, Wayne Newton and Penn & Teller all make appearances in this laugh-out-loud clip. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... or so you hope. "Why Wait" was the Flatts' 11th No. 1 hit, and the corresponding music video garnered them plenty of laughs.

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    "Bless the Broken Road"

    "Bless the Broken Road" is one of the Flatts' simpler music videos, but it's just right for the lyrically perfect ballad; anything more would take attention away from the song. The trio sings the Grammy-winning tune with heart (and perfect harmonies), and the intimate round stage on which they play makes it one of our favorite performances by the group. It's simple, heartfelt and, in one word, riveting.

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    "Here Comes Goodbye"

    Cue the tears! Rascal Flatts' "Here Comes Goodbye" music video, directed by Shaun Silva, features two women visiting a graveyard. Turns out, they're visiting more than one person's grave -- the graves of a grandson and his grandfather. The two women in the video are the mother and grandmother, and throughout the clip, we see the little boy waiting to take his grandpa to heaven.

    "There's no more goodbyes," he assures him.

    At the very end, the younger mother speaks to her father's grave: "You tell my boy I miss him so much."

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    "I Melt"

    "I Melt" was a No. 2 hit for the country trio, but its music video is probably most memorable because of the appearance of guitarist Joe Don Rooney's naked backside. Filmed in Miami, the clip centers around steamy encounters between the three Flatts men and three gorgeous women -- but Rooney's the only one who donned his birthday suit. In 2003, when the video debuted on CMT, it was the first music video with nudity to air on the network ... and GAC banned the video after the Flatts refused to release an edited version of the project. Banned or not, it is, without a doubt, the band's sexiest music video.

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    "What Hurts the Most"

    With almost 65 million views on YouTube, Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts the Most" music video is by far their most popular -- and most heart-wrenching. The video begins with a young woman sobbing over the loss of her boyfriend, who recently passed away in a car crash. Throughout the video, the whole story comes to light: Her father disapproved, and the boyfriend left -- but not before telling her that he saw her in his future. Regret over unspoken words and torrents of grief over losing someone are the main themes of this video, but the end is the real tearjerker, as the female lead visits her boyfriend's grave.

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