Singer-songwriter Tony Lucca is premiering his new song "Frame By Frame" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the track ahead of the release of Lucca's forthcoming album.

Lucca is now based in Nashville, but the story behind "Frame By Frame" starts in his home state of Michigan. "I grew up not far from an old drive-in theater we used to go to when I was a kid, but sadly, all the drive-ins seemed to close down just as I was coming of driving age, so I never got to take a girl there on a date," Lucca tells The Boot. "There's always been something so nostalgic about an abandoned field with an old, dilapidated movie screen off in the corner. Seemed like the perfect setting for a love story."

To create the song's eclectic, breezy vibe, Lucca teamed up with East Nashville musicians Ken Coomer and Teddy Pechio. Listeners should pay close attention to its samba-influenced outro, envisioned by Coomer.

"We tried to keep the performances as honest as possible, so we wound up tracking vocal and acoustic together, kind of if I were performing the song at a show," Lucca explains. "Ken had been envisioning the samba outro pretty much from the first time he ever heard the song, and to me, it's easily the most unique moment of the album."

On March 29, Lucca will release his brand-new album, Ain't No Storm, on which "Frame By Frame" appears. It is his second full-length record since appearing on The Voice in 2012, though Lucca has been a steady presence in the music industry since the late 1990s.

"I'm always hoping folks relate to the things I write and sing about. Even though the details are mine, the imagery is intended to potentially jog the listener's own memory, to conjure up old emotions and feelings, almost the way a strong scent or a photo or painting can," Lucca says of his new album. "I think this album is chock-full of those types of scenes and images. It has strong nostalgic overtones that I imagine folks might enjoy getting lost within."

Ain't No Storm is available for pre-order, both digitally and in physical form, now. Those who prefer to stream their music can also pre-save the project on their platform of choice.

Listen to Tony Lucca's "Frame By Frame"

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