Tony Joe White may be 70 years old, but he's not ready to retire yet. The singer-songwriter has just released his latest album, 'Hoodoo,' and he's sharing the video for one of the new tracks exclusively with readers of The Boot.

The organic vibe of the new music came about as a result of the way White cut the tracks, working live-to-tape with his band at his studio in Franklin, Tenn., which is housed in an old antebellum home.

“There’s some actual magic that came over all of us when we were doing this,” White recalls. “I would sit down with my drummer Cadillac [Bryan Owings] and my bass player the Troll [Steve Forrest], play twenty seconds of the tune, and then say ‘We’re gonna hit record, and you just play what comes into your heart.’ It’s like everyone is getting the hoodoo sensation. Spontaneity is beautiful. And,” he adds, “since it’s our studio, there’s no hurry; no one is over our shoulder saying when we gotta get in and when we gotta get out…we were the record company.”

That magic comes across in the video for 'Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now?,' which captures White in a raw, real, earthy performance that's a perfect match for the bluesy feel of the song.

White has found success both in the US and overseas with songs like 'Polk Salad Annie' and 'Rainy Night in Georgia.' His songs have been cut by artists as diverse as Tina Turner, Dusty Springfield and Elvis Presley. But he says he feels no pressure to top himself.

“There’s not a push nowhere,” he states. “Maybe I’ll stop playing shows and making records when the songs quit coming to me. But they still come to me. You see, I don’t work for a song -- but once I get a hold of it I don’t let go. I just keep writing, and when I do, I want to go out and play it for somebody. It's the songwriting that keeps me going."

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