Toby Keith and his late bassist Carl Goff Jr. co-wrote "You Ain't Much Fun (Since I Quit Drinkin')." Keith put the song on his sophomore album Boomtown, released in September of 1994, and released it as the album's third single in March of 1995; it peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart that year. Below, Keith tells The Boot about writing the tune.

It's ironic: Me and my bass player [had] been together for [more than] 20 years, and we only [wrote] two songs [together] in our whole life. One of them was a song that went to No. 7 on my second album, called "Upstairs Downtown," and the other was "You Ain't Much Fun (Since I Quit Drinkin')."

He came on the bus, and I was writing one night, and he was telling me some story about his wife. He said, "Me and my wife have been in a fight, and she said she was going to leave me if I didn't slow down, so I quit drinking. I'm not drinking right now. So now I've been having to mow and have been out working in the yard, and I've had to get that car running."

He was telling me all his agony. She came home one night, and he had hit himself with a wrench or something and hurt his hand, and she said, "What's the matter?" He told her, "You ain't much fun since I quit drinkin'."

I was writing songs, and I said, "Let's write this right now." And we just sat down and wrote it.

This story was originally written by Pat Gallagher, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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