Toby Keith spends two weeks every spring in Afghanistan and Iraq performing for the troops. The tireless entertainer says that as far as he can tell, morale is still high among the military men and women -- when he finds impressive, considering the rules and conditions under which they're forced to work.

Toby tells the Providence Journal, "Our guys literally drive down the streets, protecting and securing, and they are not allowed to shoot under assumptions. They have to be shot at to shoot back. If someone shoots at an American, and the soldiers go looking for their assailants and they go behind the rocks and see six guys and the guys drop their guns and walk off, there isn't one thing you can do about it."

"They have to be armed," he continues. "Even if they leave their guns there and walk off, they're free to go, because they can say, 'Those aren't our guns, and we were just hiding behind this rock.' It's craziness to watch."

In spite of the danger involved, Toby notes that the trips are always rewarding. "You have no idea. The geography lesson, the history lesson, the knowledge that you pick up ... it's just unbelievable how well-trained and efficient the troops are."

Earlier this year, Toby received the Distinguished Service Award from the Military Officers Association of America.