Toby Keith and Trace Adkins know what it's like to raise daughters. They have seven between them. Toby's daughter Shelley is 25 and daughter Krystal, 29, graduated with her degree from the University of Oklahoma and is planning to start recording this winter after her wedding in the fall.

Trace couldn't be more proud of his five daughters (Tarah, Sarah, MacKenzie, Brianna, and Trinity) and understands what it takes to raise kids of the female persuasion. He and his wife Rhonda have nurtured their 8-year-old daughter Brianna through her bouts with severe food allergies. His daughter Mackenzie hit the small screen last summer working as a 'CMT Insider' special correspondent. The jury is still out about her long-term entertainment aspirations, but no doubt she'll get some good advice from her famous father no matter what course she takes.

And although both are the parents of girls who have been raised in nurturing, loving households, the big guys have their own ideas about the difficult situation actress Lindsay Lohan now finds herself facing as a result of legal and personal battles with alleged substance abuse.

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"I can't comment on her parenting that she's had," Toby tells The Boot. "But all that starts at home. I think most of the problems that kids have start at home. There have been very few times that I've ever seen a troubled child that didn't stem back to the parents. That may not be the case with her because I don't know her parents, but in my lifetime when I've seen troubled kids, it's usually because ... if it's a boy, it's because there's not a man in his life, and if it is, it isn't much of one; and if it's a girl ... two of my [daughters] are in their 20s and grown, and my son is 13, and I've never heard him use foul language one time. He says, 'Yes, sir,' and shakes their hands and looks them in the eye. That doesn't mean when he's away from me with his buddies that boys won't be boys, but he knows the difference. I think you have to be taught that there is a difference and how to be respectful and dependable and responsible. All those things come from underneath your roof at your house. All you can do right now in a situation like that is give them hard love."

"Somebody a long time ago probably should have stopped trying to insulate her and protect her, and let her suffer the consequences and pay for her mistakes instead of trying to hire lawyers and whatever to keep her out of jail," adds Trace. "At some point you've just got to practice tough love and make them pay for it."

Trace Adkins' new album, 'Cowboy's Back in Town,' will hit stores on August 17. Toby's latest album, 'Bullets in the Gun,' hits stores October 5. To check out upcoming dates on the American Ride tour, click here.