One of Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill franchises is facing more financial problems stemming from an unpaid tax bill.

A tax warrant has been served against the Syracuse, N.Y. location for more than $107,000 in sales tax the business owes for the fourth quarter of 2013. The location, which opened last year, also owes more than $145,000 in sales taxes from earlier in the year. Their original debt was over $189,000, but some of that has been paid since an initial warrant was served back in April.

The state of New York has the option to seize the property as a means to recover the debt, but according to, it is more likely they will try to work out a payment plan first. A deal could also be made with the owner, allowing them to re-open once the debt has been satisfied.

Keith has a licensing agreement that allows the franchise to use his name and likeness, but the Syracuse restaurant is independently owned, as well as the other 15 locations.

So far, the Syracuse franchise shows no signs of planning to close. Their calendar boasts an all-star lineup of shows, including upcoming concerts by Dustin Lynch, Josh Thompson and Eric Paslay.

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