The state of New York has issued a warrant against a local franchise of Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill over $189, 392.17 in unpaid taxes.

According to, the tax debt involves money the restaurant has collected in sales tax from patrons, but failed to forward to the state. Cary Ziter, a spokesman for the state's Department of Taxation and Finance, says the debt is related to taxes owed for 2013.

The restaurant was one of the first tenants announced for Destiny USA's expansion in 2012. The super mall is the sixth largest shopping center in the US, and the largest in New York.

Keith was on hand to perform at the location's grand opening in 2013, but according to Forbes, he is not directly involved in the business. The singer -- whose 2003 hit 'I Love This Bar' inspired the chain of 15 locations -- has a licensing agreement that allows the restaurants to use his name, but he does not own them.

The Destiny USA location has reportedly been struggling for a while. The state filed a tax warrant against the restaurant earlier in April, which could allow the state to satisfy the outstanding tax debt by levying its bank accounts.

The state could also seize the property to satisfy the debt, but for now the location remains open. Destiny USA General Manager Rob Schoeneck says that, although there have been rumors that the business will close, the restaurant has not reported any problems to the mall.