Toby Keith's Live in Overdrive tour has certainly lived up to its name, thanks to its resilient headliner. The country superstar was back on stage just a few days after having gall bladder surgery, picking up his rigorous tour schedule right where he left off, with stops in Canada, Nevada and California last week. He also filmed the video for his latest hit, "I Like Girls That Drink Beer," and attended the grand opening of the newest Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill, in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. It was at his newest restaurant where he caught up with southern California country radio station K-FROG, telling its morning show personalities that "surgery wasn't anything" and that the "pain wasn't bad."

The country mogul's surgery was apparently just a little rainfall compared to the storms he weathered just days after the medical procedure. On Saturday, Aug. 4, lightning, thunder, rain and hailstorms pounded Canada's Big Valley Jamboree in the middle of Toby's set. (See a photo he tweeted from the stage below.) "(It) wiped the stage out about halfway through the show," Toby told K-FROG.


Toby and his band were forced to take an hour break but quickly returned to the stage as soon as concert officials would allow them. "Soon as we hit that last note, the rain stopped," he laughed.

After a few sunny stops in California, Toby was forced to take a back seat to Mother Nature once again this past Saturday (Aug. 11) in Summerlin, Nevada. His set was delayed more than two hours due to strong storms.

The Live in Overdrive tour next visits Holmdel, N.J., this Friday (Aug. 17), where -- lucky for Toby -- the conditions should be partly sunny with only a 10% chance of rain.

Watch Toby Discuss His USO Tours

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