Several fans at Toby Keith's recent concert at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in Darien Lake, N.Y., took his mandate to 'Get Drunk and Be Somebody' a little too seriously. The, show, part of the superstar's American Ride tour, resulted in 42 people being charged for various offenses, including 36 for underage drinking. Several other charges included physical assault, trespassing and harassment.

While Toby is all for people having a good time at his shows, he also believes the parents of young people facing legal trouble are partly responsible. "I think most of the problems that kids have start at home," he tells The Boot." All those things come from underneath your roof at your house ... At some point you've just got to practice tough love and make them pay for it."

Toby is not the only country star to have fans arrested in Darien Lake during a concert. Only a couple months earlier, Brad Paisley's concert in the same city resulted in 46 arrests, with 38 charged with underage drinking.

Hopefully, the rest of the American Ride tour, which includes Trace Adkins, as well as opening act Jaron and the Long Road to Love, will coast along a little more smoothly for fans. Click here for upcoming dates on Toby's tour schedule. Toby's album, 'Bullets in the Gun' is set for release Oct. 5.