Tim McGraw has been announced as one of the featured guest speakers at the upcoming 2016 Country Radio Seminar.

McGraw's panel, "Transcending / Evolving With Tim McGraw," is being designed to "offer insight into rethinking what you do, how you do it and how to prioritize what is important with your eye on the prize of career longevity," according to All Access. The singer will share experiences and insights from his 25-plus-year country music career and discuss how he has evolved and dealt with country music's changes in order to stay relevant.

"CRS strives to highlight the realities and potential of our careers, industry and personal lives," says CRS Executive Director Bill Mayne. "Tim McGraw's incredible career, talent and life experience is one we can all learn large lessons from. He truly displays the significant impact one person can have, so much as an entertainer, singer, artist, actor, husband, father, humanitarian, great friend -- and all of this at the highest level. This opportunity to hear Tim speak provides CRS attendees a true experience that is non-traditional and a rare CRS learning opportunity for us all!"

On Oct. 22, 1990, Tim McGraw signed his first record contract. Just over 25 years later, in early November, he released his 14th studio album, Damn Country Music.

"One of the benefits of being around as long as I have, is you get to know yourself as an artist. So I know what I do as an artist. But I also know that, as an artist, I like to keep windows open and listen to stuff and sort of take things in as I go. I can stay on my road, do the kind of things I love to do, but I can also bring something in that I hear, or something in that I like, or something in that influences me from other kinds of music, or even country music, new artists that I like," McGraw tells The Boot. "I think that’s another good thing about being around as long as I am as an artist: You learn what you do well. You learn what you don’t do well. I’ve probably done a few things that I didn’t do well. But, for the most part, you sort of know what you do well, and know what you can deliver and know how you can emotionally invest in something. Because, if you don’t emotionally invest in something, it’s not going to translate, and somebody’s not going to get any emotion out of it."

An exact date and time for McGraw's panel has not yet been announced, but CRS 2016 is scheduled to take place Feb. 8-10, 2016, in Nashville. More information is available at the official Country Radio Seminar website.

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