Thomas Rhett has shared a few more details about his upcoming sophomore album, Tangled Up.

The singer-songwriter says that his new record, which will be released on the Valory Music Co. on Sept. 25, will combine all of his influences into one cohesive project.

"I didn't grow up listening to just one style of music. So, I don't know how to write just one style of music," Rhett says in a press release. "Whether these songs have more of a pop influence or more of a hip-hop influence or a completely country influence, they all — in some crazy way — cohesively sound like a 'me song.'"

Rhett co-wrote seven of the 13 tracks on the record. He created many of the songs while he was on the road, which affected the end result of the album.

"At our shows, there aren't any rules,” Rhett explains. "There's no such thing as standing still and just singing a song. I love jumping into the crowd. I love to dance. The whole show is very uptempo, high energy and completely unpredictable.”

The Georgia native says that Tangled Up will show a different side of him than his freshman project, It Goes Like This, which was released in 2013.

"On the first record, about half of it was so old to me that I didn't even fully remember who that T.R. was," Rhett tells Rolling Stone Country. "It was a complete shot in the dark. I wanted to be so many different things in the beginning — I wanted to be a rocker, I wanted to be a great songwriter, I wanted to be a great melodic singer.

""Make Me Wanna" definitely pushed me to start really focusing, in [that] that's kind of the singer and songwriter that I've always wanted to be — just a very fun, make-you-feel-good singer and songwriter," he continues. ""Make Me Wanna" fueled the fire for "Crash and Burn," and "Crash and Burn" fueled the fire for this album."

"Crash and Burn," the debut single from Tangled Up, is in the Top 10 and climbing. Download the single on iTunes, and see a track listing for Tangled Up below.

Thomas Rhett, Tangled Up Track Listing:

1. "Anthem"
2. "Crash and Burn"
3. "South Side"
4. "Die a Happy Man"
5. "Vacation"
6. "Like It's the Last Time"
7. "T-Shirt"
8. "Single Girl"
9. "The Day You Stop Looking Back"
10. "Tangled"
11. "Playing With Fire" (feat. Jordin Sparks)
12. "I Feel Good" (feat. Lunch Money Lewis)
13. "Learned It From the Radio"

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