Thomas Rhett has seen his fanbase expand dramatically in 2019, netting new listeners, both in the country genre and beyond, with mega-hits such as "Look What God Gave Her." He has written with a number of LA-based songwriters, too, and enjoys trying out new styles of songwriting in order to stretch himself as an artist and learn new aspects of his craft.

In fact, Rhett says that as far as songwriting goes, the possibilities are pretty endless: Perhaps fans will even start seeing him credited as a writer on some pop hits. "I don't know!" Rhett mused to The Boot and other outlets at a recent press event.

"Me and Nick Jonas have written some real terrible songs together. And some good ones. So, I don't know, maybe!" he goes on to say. "As my career goes, I think it'd be really fun to take a three-, four-month span where that's all I try to do, is go to LA and write with these guys."

As a prolific songwriter, Rhett often finds that he has great songs that won't fit onto his own projects. He enjoys being able to share those songs with other artists, whether they're in the country format or not.

"It's been a lot of fun, for songs that I know I'm not gonna cut. I'll send them to Jason [Aldean] or Morgan Wallen or whoever it is, just take a shot in the dark. Sometimes they get cut and sometimes they don't," Rhett explains, adding that though not every song he writes winds up on a record, it's all part of the artistic process.

"I think it's the songs that don't get cut that make the ones that do," Rhett points out. "I think you have to write and write and write until you get something that you love a lot, and those are the songs that make a record."

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