What's even more adorable than the constant flow of family photos tracing the growth, and growing sense of wonder, of Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins' daughters, 4-year-old Willa Gray and 2-year-old Ada James? The home video footage shown in Rhett's new music video for his single "Remember You Young."

Rhett released the personal clip on Tuesday (Nov. 12), and readers can watch it above. The sweet string of mop bucket rides and Disney princess parties previews some of the cuteness that'll be seen on Wednesday night (Nov. 13), when Rhett's entire family will sparkle on the 2019 CMA Awards red carpet.

"We're bringing 'em all. We'll see how it goes," Rhett told Taste of Country Nights ahead of Wednesday's 2019 CMA Awards. "We're all wearing the kind-of same brand that someone is going to send us, which is very kind of them.

"We're all going to be pretty sparkly. That's what my girls wanted: They were like, 'We want to wear sparkly things.' I guess I'm involved in that," Rhett added with a chuckle.

Wednesday night will be the first time that Rhett -- the son of songwriter Rhett Akins -- brings his entire family to an awards show. "I hope none of them are crying when we take our first photos, or it may be an even better memory," he remarked.

During the 2019 CMA Awards, Rhett will perform "Remember You Young" live. He'll also learn if he won the two awards for which he's nominated: Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year, the latter for his fourth career album, Center Point Road.

In early 2020, Rhett, his wife and two daughters will become a family of five. Lauren is pregnant with the couple's third child.

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