Thomas Rhett has always been open with his fans about his behind-the-scenes family life with his wife Lauren and their two young daughters, Ada and Willa. From their college football rivalry -- he's a Georgia fan, while his wife supports the Tennessee Volunteers -- to the personal love stories behind his hit songs, fans feel like part of the Akins household, though the singer says he knows there are some drawbacks to being one of country music's most public families.

"God, I feel like we have that conversation [about whether or not we should be more private] about once a month," Rhett admitted to The Boot and other media during a recent press event. "But I do feel like, since the beginning of our relationship, we have been pretty open books."

Although that openness makes it more difficult to have a personal life, it also helps both Rhett and Lauren connect more easily with fans. "When our fans come through our meet and greets, they'll have a story," he goes on to say. "Like, parents come through the meet and greets all the time and can relate to raising a 3- and a 1-year-old."

As someone who writes from such a personal place, Rhett says that when fans have that added connection of being able to place faces and names to the characters in the songs, it lends his music a deeper meaning.

"It's really cool to portray your life to the people that are consuming your music, because I think it makes them relate to you on a deeper level," Rhett reflects. "[If] they didn't know anything about you and then you dropped a song like "Life Changes," it wouldn't make sense."

Rhett is currently working on his fourth studio album, which will follow 2017's Life Changes. His current single, "Sixteen," is the fifth track to be released to radio from the project.

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