Thomas Rhett knew his latest single, "Beer With Jesus," was a powerful song, but even he is surprised by how it has impacted so many of his fans. The 22-year-old country star has heard stories from all over the country of how the tune has affected lives, but perhaps none quite as touching as a mother who said "Beer With Jesus" was used at the funeral of her son.

"A woman called into a radio station in Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago and voiced that her son had just been killed in a car accident," Thomas explains. "She came to my show in Pennsylvania and told me that her son's five best friends were at the funeral and they played my song 'Beer with Jesus' and they all got baptized because of the song and what it did to them. So it was pretty awesome."

The song, which Thomas co-wrote, was one he says he knew could be a career-changer. "It took a long time to write the song; we wanted to really write it from the heart and write it very true," he tells American Songwriter magazine. "There's been a ton of stuff that's been really crazy to hear, of what the song is doing to people. That's why we wrote it. We wrote it to get a reaction out of people and we wrote it to make people think. I think that's exactly what it's doing."

Thomas is spending the next few months as an opening act on Chris Young's Liquid Neon tour. The newly-married singer will also head out in the spring on Jason Aldean's Night Train trek. Follow his schedule here.

Watch Thomas Rhett's 'Beer With Jesus' Video