Thomas Csorba and his wife Alex are one of the countless couples to have their wedding plans postponed, altered or otherwise affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But his new song, "Crystal Eyes" — premiering exclusively on The Boot — only recalls the beauty and ethereal feeling of the big day.

"When I listen back to this song, I remember that moment underneath a Texas Hill Country sky. The sun had just set, the moon had just begun to glow, and we stepped into our sacred commitment to one another," Csorba shares with The Boot. "This song is about that dance — appreciating the earthly beauty in those moments, but being overtaken by the supernatural.”

In fact, Csorba admits, a pandemic wedding helped him and Alex remember and appreciate the significance of what they were doing.

“Weddings are such a funny thing. They have the tendency to be far more about status or aesthetics than they should be," Csorba reflects, "but when my wife and I got married in the age of COVID, we were forced to strip a lot of that back and focus on the meaning of our marriage to one another."

"Crystal Eyes" is one of five songs on From the Jordan, a forthcoming new EP from Csorba, produced by Beau Bedford of the Texas Gentlemen, also one of Csorba's co-writers. Bedford also produced Csorba's previous project, his self-titled sophomore album from 2020.

“There was never a question about who I wanted to produce this project. Beau Bedford has become a great musical partner, co-writer, neighbor and friend since we first met a few years ago at Luck Reunion," Csorba says, "and quite simply, I trust him in helping bring these songs to life.”

From the Jordan, due out on Oct. 8, is a collection of love songs, inspired in part by Csorba's recent marriage. David Ramirez and Brian Douglas Phillips also co-wrote with him for the EP.

Fans can keep up with Csorba — who was born in Houston, Texas, and still lives in the Lone Star State — at

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