Singer-songwriter Thomas Csorba focuses on injustice in the United States in his new song "Crooked Kind of Free." The song is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

Csorba was inspired to write this new song "that tries to come to terms with the brokenness in this country," he explains to The Boot, after learning about the separation of immigrant children and parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. However, he adds, "Since then, we've found ourselves facing a number of questions about what 'freedom' in America really looks like, and this song has taken on an expanded meaning."

"My videographer, Austin Leih, and I worked hard on developing a narrative that embodied the journey of a person coming to terms with this idea of American freedom," Csorba explains. "The video and the song both accept blame and responsibility, while still being able to struggle with hard questions that this American life has to offer."

"When will someone tell me how we wound up here?" Csorba questions in the first verse, adding in the second, "These days it's getting harder every night to get some sleep." In the bridge, he confesses, "There are days when I feel I'm just the same / It's in the water and the land from which I came."

"Bloodstains on your cufflinks / You say that's how it's gotta be / Forsaking friends and families / Well, that's a crooked kind of free," Csorba sings in each chorus, before a more hopeful ending: "Listen, listen closely / Treat your neighbor with care / 'Cause, boy, it's an uphill climb, but kindness will get us there."

"I'm grateful for a country where I'm able to ask questions through my art," Csorba says. "Questioning and pointing out injustice is part of our responsibility as Americans, but the real question is: What are we going to do about it?"

"Crooked Kind of Free" comes from Csorba's new, self-titled album, which is due out on Sept. 25. It's the Houston, Texas-born artist's sophomore release and follows a season of growth for the singer, who spent 2019 earning his undergraduate degree and getting engaged

“Every question that I face in this season of life seems to be the biggest question: You know ... What am I gonna make of myself? What am I going to mean to other people? What am I going to leave behind?" Csorba reflects. "I think those are American questions. It’s part of the water I grew up drinking."

"Crooked Kind of Free" will be available widely on Friday (Sept. 11). Visit to learn more about the singer-songwriter and his forthcoming new album.

Listen to Thomas Csorba's "Crooked Kind of Free":

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