Folk five-piece the Way Down Wanderers are premiering their new song "Crooked Pines" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the pensive, thought-provoking track.

With its simple instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics, "Crooked Pines" digs deep into the one of life's most befuddling and complicated certainties: uncertainty.

""Crooked Pines" attempts to tell a subtle story of learning to accept the uncertainty of the human journey," the Way Down Wanderers' lead singer, Collin Krause, tells The Boot. "The abstract, almost melancholy lyrical style reflects on elements of nature, romantic frustration and the desire for independence."

According to the band, the sonic simplicity of "Crooked Pines" is intentional: "The music is filled with elaborate yet faint tones, composed to highlight the vocal melody," Krause continues. "I hope it reminds the listener of a simple country song while leaving them with complex symbolism to ponder."

Based in Peoria, Ill., the Way Down Wanderers have earned a great deal of acclaim as a band, thanks in large part to their knack for blending together the genres of folk, bluegrass and country with hints of reggae and jazz. On Feb. 22, the band will release their sophomore album, Illusions, an 11-track project on which "Crooked Pines" will appear.

In addition to Krause -- who also plays mandolin, violin and electric guitar in addition to singing and writing songs for the band -- the Way Down Wanderers are Krause's brother-in-law, Austin Thompson (vocalist, guitarist and songwriter), John Williams (vocalist and upright bassist), John Merikoski (drummer and percussionist) and Travis Kowalsky (banjo and fiddle player). Visit to learn more.

Listen to the Way Down Wanderers, "Crooked Pines":

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