The Warren Brothers -- Brett and Brad Warren -- have established themselves as two of country music's most sought-after songwriters, penning hits for artists including Dierks Bentley ('Feel That Fire'), Tim McGraw ('If You're Reading This,' 'Blank Sheet of Paper,' 'It Felt Good on My Lips'), Martina McBride ('Anyway,' 'Wrong Baby Wrong,' 'How I Feel') and Faith Hill ('Red Umbrella,' 'The Lucky One'). Now, the duo is crossing over with multiple cuts on the forthcoming album by rock group Hinder.

Brett and Brad teamed up with Hinder's singer Austin Winkler and drummer Cody Hanson for many of the tunes on 'All American Nightmare,' including the title track, which the band has released as the first single.

"Austin and Cody came to Nashville about a year and a half ago, and believe it or not, they know a ton about country music ... more than Brad and I did," Brett tells The Boot. "They wanted to write with some writers they liked in town, and we were on that list. We wrote with them and became good friends. We started hanging out and writing together every couple of months. About five months ago, Brad and I were out on the Tim McGraw tour, and [Cody and Austin] said they needed a title track to the next Hinder album. We happened to be home that weekend they were in town, so that's when we wrote 'All American Nightmare.'"

The new Hinder project contains a total of 10 songs co-written by the Warrens. The album was produced by Ozzy Osbourne's producer, Kevin Churko. "The whole album just sounds phenomenal," says Brett. "We love these guys. They are super talented and have such great song sense. We are so happy for them and this new album. You couldn't pry the smiles off mine and Brad's faces with a crowbar!"

Hinder's work with The Warren Brothers isn't the group's only country-music connection. In 2006, Jack Ingram's version of Hinder's 'Lips of an Angel' was a Top 20 country hit.

'All American Nightmare' will hit stores in December. In the meantime, fans can hear the brothers' work on Tim McGraw's latest single, 'Felt Good on My Lips,' which Brett and Brad co-wrote with fellow Nashville brothers, Jim and Brett Beavers.

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